Dr Julian Ungar-Sargon

Neurologist and pain management specialist

Dr. Julian Ungar-Sargon is a highly esteemed neurologist and pain management specialist dedicated to providing compassionate care and innovative solutions to patients. With extensive experience in electrodiagnosis and a wide range of pain management techniques, Dr. Ungar-Sargon brings a comprehensive approach to the treatment of pain.


Dr. Ungar-Sargon received his training in England and completed his residency and fellowship at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. He has held teaching positions at esteemed institutions such as the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School, where he has imparted his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of medical professionals.


In addition to his medical training, Dr. Julian Ungar-Sargon possesses a diverse educational background that includes degrees in theology, literature, and ancient Near Eastern languages. This unique blend of knowledge allows him to approach patient care with a holistic understanding of the human experience.


Dr. Ungar-Sargon’s commitment to addressing the multidimensional aspects of pain extends beyond the medical realm. He recognizes the profound influence of spirituality on pain management and incorporates spiritual and religious factors into his treatment approach. Through his blog and website, he aims to explore the connection between spirituality and pain, offering insights and support to individuals seeking a holistic approach to their recovery and well-being.


With his expertise, compassion, and dedication to patient care, Dr. Julian Ungar-Sargon continues to make a significant impact in the field of neurology and pain management. His patients and colleagues value his expertise, genuine concern, and commitment to providing the highest standard of care.

Professional Credentials


  • The Royal London Hospital Medical College, London University
  • The Royal Academy of Music, London
  • Brandeis University, Ph.D, MA
  • Harvard University, MA (M.T.S.)
  • Yeshivat Mikdash Melech, Brooklyn, NY (Rabbinical Ordination)

Professional Details:

  • Specializes in electrodiagnosis, including E.M.G., E.E.G., and evoked potentials
  • Expertise in pain management techniques, such as epidurals, nerve blocks, and BoTox injections
  • Integrates spirituality and religious factors into pain management approaches
  • Diverse educational background in medical sciences, theology, literature, and ancient Near Eastern languages
  • Commitment to patient-centered care and holistic treatment approaches
  • Active involvement in military service and medical organizations
  • Dedicated to ongoing research, education, and advancement in the field of neurology and pain management

Dr. Julian Ungar-Sargon Neurologist and pain management specialist

Connect with Dr. Julian Ungar-Sargon on his website and blog for valuable insights and resources on the spirituality of 12 step recovery program. 


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