The Spiritual Awakening: Exploring the Heart of the 12-Step Recovery Program


The 12-step recovery program is a spiritual awakening. The spiritual awakening is the core of the program, and it is an experience that must be lived. Say’s Dr Julian Ungar-Sargon, this can take time, but it will help you be at peace with yourself, others and God.

The spiritual awakening is the core of the 12-step recovery program.

The spiritual awakening is the core of the 12-step recovery program. It’s a process that can take years, but it can also be accelerated and guided.

In my experience as a counselor and teacher of mindfulness meditation, I’ve seen many people who have been stuck in their addictions for decades finally find freedom through spiritual awakening–and their stories are inspiring beyond words!

The importance of spirituality in the 12-step recovery program.

The 12-step program is a spiritual program, and this is an important point to understand. It’s easy to get confused about what spirituality means in the context of recovery from addiction. For some people, spirituality means going to church or synagogue every Sunday morning; for others it might mean praying each night before bedtime. For still others, spirituality has nothing whatsoever to do with religion–for them it’s more about being connected with nature or finding meaning through service work such as volunteering at a soup kitchen or helping out at animal shelters.

In short: spirituality can take many forms depending on who you are as an individual–so don’t worry if you’re not sure how this aspect fits into your life right now! We’ll talk more about that later on in this book…

The 5 stages of spiritual awakening in 12-step recovery.

The 5 stages of spiritual awakening in 12-step recovery are:

  • Denial. You may feel that your addiction is not a problem and that you can handle it on your own. Or, perhaps you have a family member or friend who refuses to accept the severity of their loved one’s addiction.
  • Anger. You might be angry with yourself for letting yourself become dependent on alcohol or drugs, or for hurting others by drinking too much or using drugs excessively. You may also be angry with God (if you believe in Him), blaming Him for allowing this to happen to you when He could have prevented it if He had wanted to do so.
  • Bargaining with God/Higher Power/Creator/Goddess etc… “If only I didn’t drink so much…” “If only I wasn’t an addict…” These types of statements show us that we are trying desperately not only fix ourselves but also change our circumstances by bargaining with whatever higher power we believe exists – whether that be ourselves, other people including friends & family members as well as God Himself!

How to prepare for a spiritual awakening.

The first step in preparing for a spiritual awakening is to read the 12 steps, the 12 traditions and the fundamental principles of AA. You can find these books on Amazon or at your local library.

The second step is reading Alcoholics Anonymous, which contains the original words from Bill Wilson and Dr Bob Smith (the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous). The book was first published in 1939 and has been revised several times since then to reflect changes in society as well as changes within AA itself; however, all versions are now available online free of charge so there’s no need to buy one!

The third step would be reading Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions by Ernest Kurtz (a leading historian on addiction recovery) or even better: Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age by Bill Wilson himself! This last one offers unique insight into how he saw his own journey through sobriety unfold — it’s fascinating reading!

How to know if you have had a spiritual awakening.

  • You feel like you are at peace with yourself, others and God.
  • You feel like you have a purpose in life.
  • You feel like you are part of a larger purpose than just yourself.

A spiritual awakening can help you be at peace with yourself, others and God.

As you might expect, a spiritual awakening isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a process that takes time and effort to achieve.

In some cases, this process can be difficult for the individual experiencing it. They may feel confused or uncertain about what’s happening inside them and around them–a feeling of being lost in the midst of change is common during times like these. However, if you stick with it long enough (and make sure not to give up), there’s no doubt that your life will be better off than before because now there are more tools available when dealing with problems or challenges that arise throughout life’s journey!


A spiritual awakening is a life-changing experience that can help you be at peace with yourself, others and God. If you’re struggling with addiction or any other problem in your life, it’s important to know that there is hope for recovery through the 12-step program. The first step toward this goal is having an honest assessment of where you are today–and if there are areas where improvement could be made (like taking care of yourself better), then start there!

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